"Chris Bolint's made some great music here" - "This is a great album" - Tom Lounges, 89.1 FM Lakeshore Public Radio

"Dude you can play the guitar, man oh man" - "You are a great guitarist" - "You gotta see this guy"- Nick Digilio, 720AM WGN Radio

"You are so connected to the instrument.  It's beautiful." - Nick Digilio, 720AM WGN Radio

"Everyone just needs to give you a chance and give you a listen."  "You don't  even recognize that there's no lyrics in it, you just get lost in the music and you enjoy it" "I love it" - Sheila, FearlessRadio.com

"Melodic and moving.  Chris Bolint is a guitar players guitar player excellent work!" - Robert Rolfe Feddersen, Singer/Songwriter, 103.1FM WVLP

"You don't have the vocals, but literally you're up there playing a guitar and you're keeping people's attention, and I think that's a different giant and it's absolutely amazing that you're able to do that."  "Embers Alive is an absolutely incredible album"- George, TheEdgeOnAir.com

"The Music Speaks for itself"- John King, Radio DJ at 98.3 FM WVLP

"His playing is first-class, the music and production values on the songs belie a freshman effort.  Simply put, he's really, really good."- Paul Braun, Director at Chicago Street Theatre, Valparaiso, IN.

"Chris Bolint is a GUITAR GOD." - Andy Mills, Fan

"Love your music Chris. Your songs energize me."- Karen Korba, Fan

"Excuse me while I reshape my melted face."- Ryan Patterson, Fan

"Let me just say. Chris Bolint is going to be at the top of my playlist for a while." - Maxine Spencer, Fan