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Embers Alive

Chris Bolint

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Guitar, Bass, and Drum music written by Chris Bolint
Additional Rhythm Guitar parts written by Billy Cox on Tracks: 2, 4, & 7.
Assistance in Arrangement by Billy Cox on tracks: 2, 3, 4, 7, & 8.
All Guitar and Bass parts played by Chris Bolint.  Except intro Acoustic Guitar on Track 8, played by Billy Cox.
Drums performed by Trevor Warren
Main Recording Engineer- Wes Koz
Additional Engineering- Jon Alvin
Mixed by Wes Koz with Chris Bolint
Produced by Wes Koz and Chris Bolint
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room Mastering Studios in Chicago, IL.
Album Photos- Steven Kowalski Photography
Album Cover Art- By Shane Rice at Exothermic Designs
Recorded at Wes Koz Studios in Lombard, IL and Chrome Attic Studios in Crystal Lake, IL.



I want to thank my Mom & Dad for always supporting me and my music and for making it possible for me to pursue my dream.  Without you guys this album wouldn't be possible.  Thanks so much and I love you!  
To my sister Jessica for always enthusiastically supporting me and my music throughout my life. 
My brother in law Jimmy, and the rest of my family and friends that have supported me and my passion for music for the past 20 years. 
Thanks to my Engineer/Mixer/Co-Producer Wes Koz for your effort in working so closely with me every week for a year and a half to make the album the best it could possibly be.  The album wouldn't be what is without your influences and professional touch.  Thanks so much! 
To Trevor Warren for putting in the time to learn the drum parts so perfectly.  Your blisters, sweat, and (tears maybe, haha) are appreciated.  Thanks! 
To my longtime friend/fellow guitar slinger Billy Cox for lending your musical ear in assisting me in the arranging/writing process on some of the songs.  Your musical friendship through the years is very appreciated.  
To Collin Jordan at Boiler Room  Mastering  for putting the last needed final sonic touches on the album.  
To Steven Kowalski for shooting some seriously awesome photos, and putting your artistic mojo into them. They represent me perfectly.  
To Shane Rice at Exothermic Designs for working with me to realize the album artwork and my logo for me. 
To Eric Thompson at U.S. Music Corp. and Lehman Sammons at Marshall Amplification for giving me professional rock star like support when I needed it most on my gear. 
To Eugene Eaton for always supporting my music and lending me the best instruments and gear to use when I need them! 
To Darius Lafkas for lending a great (free) rehearsal space!  I don't know where I would have rehearsed without your help, thanks man! 
To my loving and supporting dog child Maggie, and studio dog Duke.  
To all the artists, musicians, songwriters, composers, entertainers... of the past and present that have inspired my musical tastes and playing, without you guys there is no way the music I make could exist. 
To all the music teachers I've had throughout my life for helping me grow and improve upon my musical craftsmanship. 
To God for blessing me with a natural enthusiasm, ability, and love for music.